Popular For Home Use Artists, Here Are 7 Classic Home Design Inspirations!

7 Classic Home Design Inspirations – Often see the artist’s house that looks magnificent like a palace? It is one of the houses that uses a classic themed design. Come on, see the inspiration of classic home design in this review!

Classic design is one of the popular designs.

Typically, this design is applied to large houses, such as mansions or villas.

Classic houses are also synonymous with the housing of successful people, because it takes expensive costs to build buildings like this.

Classic Home Design Inspiration


1. Modern Classical Home Design

Modern classic home design you can apply to your home if you don’t like too much decoration.

This design has the same characteristics as the classic design, such as the presence of poles and large windows.

However, the pillars and windows are made simple without additional carvings so the house looks more contemporary.



2. Full of Decoration Poles

One characteristic of classical design in Indonesia is the presence of large and tall poles on the exterior of the building.

Poles are made like poles in a palace or temple in Europe in ancient times.

Usually, there are unique carvings on the top and bottom of the pillars that make the house more unique.



3. White Color Domination

Houses that use this design are usually painted with white dominance on the outside appearance of the building.

A clean white color can make a house look more luxurious.

The reason is extra care is needed to apply white on the exterior of the house.

The exterior must always be maintained so that the white color does not get dirty quickly and fade.



4. The existence of a Large Tall Window

Another distinctive feature of a classic home is the large window and door size.

Usually, the walls of a classic home are made much higher than a normal house.

So tall and large windows and doors are also needed so that the size of the walls and doors is ideal.



5. Unique Wall Decoration

Usually, there are carvings or wall decorations that are patterned and uniquely shaped in homes that use this design.

It takes experts to make beautiful patterns and shapes on the walls.

So, it is not strange not if most people who use classic designs are successful people, because the making also requires a large cost.


Classic Home Design

6. Minimalist Classic Home Design

Nowadays, classic designs are starting to be combined with other contemporary designs to create a look that is different from other houses.

One of them is a combination of classic and minimalist home designs.

This house still has some of the characteristics of a classic house such as the dominant white wall paint, carvings on the walls of the house, and the presence of large doors and windows.

However, the use of poles began to be abandoned because it is not suitable to be applied in Scandinavian or minimalist houses.



7. Like an Ancient Greek Temple

Classic buildings inspired by the design of ancient Greek temples that use sloping roofs and many poles.

Although inspired by ancient designs, classic houses still look charming used for the latest homes.

The difference between this design and the previous design was the use of fewer columns and better decoration.

Because the carvings on poles and walls make the house look very striking.

If you use too much, it can make a house tacky. by rubberflooringonline.co.uk

Popular For Home Use Artists, Here Are 7 Classic Home Design Inspirations!