5 Cool Floor Designs for Your Home

The floor is the last part that is resolved when building a house. Even so, the choice of floor design cannot be underestimated. The choice of textures, materials, motifs, and even prices on floor designs must be adjusted to the area and function of each room.

There are various types of floor designs that have their own weaknesses and advantages, because each type of floor design has a different level of resistance to loads and loads. Surely we want a floor design that is right, according to taste, and durable.

For those of you who are looking for suitable, cool, and quality floor design references, you should first know these 5 cool floor design ideas for your home, from rubberflooringonline refference :

1. Floor Slate Design


If you want a floor design that looks firm and charming, maybe you need to choose a slate floor design. This type of natural stone has a rough and sturdy texture.

You can choose a slate floor design with dark colors like gray so that the room looks magnificent. The combination of the slate floor design with the right type of backsplash in the kitchen can bring perfection to your kitchen.

2. Ceramic Floor Design


Ceramic floor designs are the most common in homes. One of the reasons is because there are many attractive ceramic floor motifs. Ceramic floors are suitable for use in minimalist bathrooms because they do not absorb a lot of water, choose one with a slightly rough texture so that it is not slippery.

Conversely, ceramic floors should not be applied to bedrooms because they are prone to sudden changes in temperature so that they are easily broken and uncomfortable to step on when the temperature is unstable or at night.

3. Carpet Floor Design


When it comes to warm floors, carpet floors may be the winner. In addition, the carpet floor design also has a variety of motifs and colors that can easily be harmonized with the interior style of the room. There are several things to consider in choosing a carpet floor design. Choosing a floor design with the right carpet can make a room look spacious, you know!

Do not use carpet floor designs in wet areas such as bathrooms because they absorb a lot of water. We recommend that you do not use carpets in your child’s room because dust and dirt lodged on the carpet is easier for children to breathe.

4. Natural Stone Floor Design


Natural stone floor design is one that has tested its durability. There are various types of natural stone that are suitable for each function of space based on their nature and texture.

Although natural stone floors are easy to clean, you have to be careful with marble because it absorbs stains more easily. Marble should not be used in areas that are prone to stains such as kitchens.

5. Marble Floor Design


Marble is a type of natural stone that is relatively more expensive than other types. Not only for floors, natural stone ceramics of this type are often used as a sweetener in the interior of the house. The advantage of marble floor design is that the motifs and colors are quite diverse and the patterns are continuous.

Marble floor is also very strong in withstanding heavy loads and resistant to fire. But remember, do not attach marble floors to outdoor because it is easy to mold and fade if it is often exposed to sunlight.


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5 Cool Floor Designs for Your Home

Popular For Home Use Artists, Here Are 7 Classic Home Design Inspirations!

7 Classic Home Design Inspirations – Often see the artist’s house that looks magnificent like a palace? It is one of the houses that uses a classic themed design. Come on, see the inspiration of classic home design in this review!

Classic design is one of the popular designs.

Typically, this design is applied to large houses, such as mansions or villas.

Classic houses are also synonymous with the housing of successful people, because it takes expensive costs to build buildings like this.

Classic Home Design Inspiration


1. Modern Classical Home Design

Modern classic home design you can apply to your home if you don’t like too much decoration.

This design has the same characteristics as the classic design, such as the presence of poles and large windows.

However, the pillars and windows are made simple without additional carvings so the house looks more contemporary.



2. Full of Decoration Poles

One characteristic of classical design in Indonesia is the presence of large and tall poles on the exterior of the building.

Poles are made like poles in a palace or temple in Europe in ancient times.

Usually, there are unique carvings on the top and bottom of the pillars that make the house more unique.



3. White Color Domination

Houses that use this design are usually painted with white dominance on the outside appearance of the building.

A clean white color can make a house look more luxurious.

The reason is extra care is needed to apply white on the exterior of the house.

The exterior must always be maintained so that the white color does not get dirty quickly and fade.



4. The existence of a Large Tall Window

Another distinctive feature of a classic home is the large window and door size.

Usually, the walls of a classic home are made much higher than a normal house.

So tall and large windows and doors are also needed so that the size of the walls and doors is ideal.



5. Unique Wall Decoration

Usually, there are carvings or wall decorations that are patterned and uniquely shaped in homes that use this design.

It takes experts to make beautiful patterns and shapes on the walls.

So, it is not strange not if most people who use classic designs are successful people, because the making also requires a large cost.


Classic Home Design

6. Minimalist Classic Home Design

Nowadays, classic designs are starting to be combined with other contemporary designs to create a look that is different from other houses.

One of them is a combination of classic and minimalist home designs.

This house still has some of the characteristics of a classic house such as the dominant white wall paint, carvings on the walls of the house, and the presence of large doors and windows.

However, the use of poles began to be abandoned because it is not suitable to be applied in Scandinavian or minimalist houses.



7. Like an Ancient Greek Temple

Classic buildings inspired by the design of ancient Greek temples that use sloping roofs and many poles.

Although inspired by ancient designs, classic houses still look charming used for the latest homes.

The difference between this design and the previous design was the use of fewer columns and better decoration.

Because the carvings on poles and walls make the house look very striking.

If you use too much, it can make a house tacky. by rubberflooringonline.co.uk

Popular For Home Use Artists, Here Are 7 Classic Home Design Inspirations!

5 Mediterranean Style Bathroom Designs that Will Spoil You

www.rubberflooringonline.co.ukMediterranean interior design style deserves to be the best choice for your home style. The Mediterranean design offers an integrated appearance of space, which has perfect balance and harmony.

It seems indeed never tired of discussing and discussing the strengths of this one intérieur style. And this time it comes from the appearance of a wah and luxury, how the interior of the Mediterranean-style bathroom can look so attractive.

Mediterranean design breeds not only luxury, but also comfort. In fact, in the design of a small space such as a bathroom, this intérieur style can be very visionnaire with its integrated design. A mixture of traditional European accents, vintage elements, rustique elements, earth colors, all together and have balance and harmony.

Mediterranean style bathroom is the right choice for you who want the appearance of a luxurious and elegant bathroom. This is different from the classical style, Mediterranean shows more luxury at the same time also displays a simple impression in appearance. A paradoxical design style. However, that’s the reality.

When planning a room renovation, especially bathroom design, how to make a big difference to be able to bring a nuance and atmosphere that is both classy and functional is everyone’s dream. Mémorisez-vous to renovate the bathroom et choosing a new look is something that must be planned precisely and wisely. Bathroom renovations can be quite complicated with lots of little détails to watch out for. Renovating a bathroom is not a job to be taken lightly.

Luxurious style et Elegant

The Mediterranean style is very unique and has a very luxurious appearance. Very difficult to match the luxury of this European design style. However, if you are one of the admirers of the unique and iconic intérieur style, having a mediterranean look in your bathroom, guarantees a comfort and luxury that blends perfectly.

Here are 5 mediterranean-style bathroom space appearances with a perfect appearance.

rubberflooringonline.co.uk rubberflooringonline.co.uk rubberflooringonline.co.uk rubberflooringonline.co.uk rubberflooringonline.co.uk

5 Mediterranean Style Bathroom Designs that Will Spoil You

Minimalist living room design

Everyone wants their house to have a comfortable and luxurious space. The design of the living room has an important role for every home. When meeting someone else for the first time, you might build a first impression about that person by looking at how to dress. Same is the case with the living room design. This room will be seen the first time by people who visit your home. Of course we need to design the living room so that the people who come feel comfortable and at home in your house. But to design the living room, it is also necessary to pay attention to the layout of the items and other items. Here are some minimalist living room recommendations that will make your living room more comfortable

Neutral Color

You canuse neutral colors like white brown, or gray for the basic color of the living room wall. Neutral and warm colors can create the illusion of a wider space in your small house. In addition, these colors can also blend with the color of any furniture. In addition, neutral colors can also provide peace.

Utilizing Window For Lighting

Proper lighting can also have a wide effect on small living rooms. Stacking furniture can also create more functional zones. Increase lighting sources, both from lights and natural light. take advantage of large windows to get natural sun lighting so that the house looks more spacious. The benefits of light when the morning sun can nourish the body


The principle of a minimalist home is to use furniture that suits its function or by putting furniture that you only need so that the living room is not too full. It would be better if you could have multifunctional furniture, for example a coffee table that doubles as a storage area.

Wood Element

Wood element is often used as an identical material used in classic style houses, no wonder if this one material can also be a perfect blend for modern style homes. Use of the floor produces a modern and comfortable feel. Coupled with a number of furniture such as sofas and shelves add to the impression of a clean and warm living room

Minimalist living room design