Minimalist living room design

Everyone wants their house to have a comfortable and luxurious space. The design of the living room has an important role for every home. When meeting someone else for the first time, you might build a first impression about that person by looking at how to dress. Same is the case with the living room design. This room will be seen the first time by people who visit your home. Of course we need to design the living room so that the people who come feel comfortable and at home in your house. But to design the living room, it is also necessary to pay attention to the layout of the items and other items. Here are some minimalist living room recommendations that will make your living room more comfortable

Neutral Color

You canuse neutral colors like white brown, or gray for the basic color of the living room wall. Neutral and warm colors can create the illusion of a wider space in your small house. In addition, these colors can also blend with the color of any furniture. In addition, neutral colors can also provide peace.

Utilizing Window For Lighting

Proper lighting can also have a wide effect on small living rooms. Stacking furniture can also create more functional zones. Increase lighting sources, both from lights and natural light. take advantage of large windows to get natural sun lighting so that the house looks more spacious. The benefits of light when the morning sun can nourish the body


The principle of a minimalist home is to use furniture that suits its function or by putting furniture that you only need so that the living room is not too full. It would be better if you could have multifunctional furniture, for example a coffee table that doubles as a storage area.

Wood Element

Wood element is often used as an identical material used in classic style houses, no wonder if this one material can also be a perfect blend for modern style homes. Use of the floor produces a modern and comfortable feel. Coupled with a number of furniture such as sofas and shelves add to the impression of a clean and warm living room

Minimalist living room design